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10th Annual End of Year Sale!
November 24, 2015

From the mines & independent miners around the world who work with me to provide these amazing stones, to the vendors, gem cutters, carvers, jewelers & every single Client, each is an integral part of IVC. This is my way...

Interview about Crystals on PRN Radio / NDC Savings Club
November 05, 2015

Skip to 31 mins and the fun begins http://prn.fm/ndc-savings-club-11-04-15/ Thank you to Alex Acuna for having me on!

How, Why do crystals work or not work?
October 30, 2015

How is because all things, all manifest reality, seen and unseen are the result of one consciousness. Crystals and stones / gems can be used as tools, they vibrate at a certain level as all things do according to their...

Buying old jewelry, coins, diamonds
October 29, 2015

Have Old Gold or Silver Jewelry, Coins or Diamonds you don't want or need anymore? Send an email with pictures, details, etc or any other requests to this EMAIL. I will also sell the piece for you if it is something...