InnerVision Crystals

Lemurian Seed Crystals

New crystals are finally here, 2013 has produced very limited amounts of crystals at Serra Do Cabral Mountain, Brazil. The new mining is producing some very interesting crystals, from the Strawberry / Red Crystals (from Lithium rich sand beds) to Clear & Tangerine (Golden) and multi color Lemurians that had not been seen previously including Yellow, an almost Purple and others including Rutile inclusions. Typical growth & Line formations are common as well as Atypical / Irregular Growth exhibiting different line & glyph formations. InnerVision Crystals is at the source for these amazing crystals. Currently there is no official mining happening on Serra Do Cabral Mountain, Brazil for new Lemurians, Very limited amounts are coming from independent miners. The Main mines stopped producing in 2008 - 2009.

"I still think those Tangerine Lemurians from InnerVision Crystals are one of the most amazing crystals I've used" Judy Hall

Tangerine "Dream" Lemurians from InnerVision Crystals featured in THE CRYSTAL BIBLE 2

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