10/23/2020 Moldavite & Fall Restock!

Hi Everyone!

There is a lot of news for this fall. First, we want to address the Moldavite situation, there is no major production at this time in Czech Republic. Supplies have dried up very quickly, and we are hoping new stones will come in the Spring of 2021. We have no wholesale to offer at this time, anything we do have will be made available in the wholesale collection.

10/23/2020 : New Moldavite is up NOW - small Besednice & Gemstones coming next week

We will also be adding new Amethyst, from Brazil & Uruguay. Lemurian Seed Crystals from Brazil & Colombia. Amphibole, Rose Quartz & a few other things over the next 2 weeks.

We are continuing the extended sale through Dec 31. This means 20% OFF Moldavite, 50% OFF almost everything else + Jewelry

The team is cataloging the stones we do have available & will be making those available starting next week. We will list all of our current inventory, over 1000 pieces. But this may be it until spring. We are going to add new Moldavite Pendants later this fall as well, we sent over 300 pieces to our jewelers.

Later this fall we will release over 1000 Pendants for our fall / winter Jewelry Line.

Thank you again for your continued support during this year!

Mike & the IVC Family

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