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9/3 Moldavite Restock is here!

We are very excited for a new shipment of Moldavite. We have listed many new small stones, 0.5 - 3 gram range and a selection of Moldavite Pendants.

A lot has changed with this stone since 2018. Now there is only 1 major operating mine (Chlum) and a handful of smaller operations. The likelihood that a new major producing mine will open within the next 10 years is slim. The reality is that we knew at some point we would be in a 3-5 year window, where prices would rise, production would begin to wind down, and things would get weird.

We are working hard, as we have for the last 17 years, to bring you the best available Moldavite we can source at the most competitive prices. Utilizing our longtime connections to source new stones at competitive prices. Currently on the open market, single stones are going for $20 - $500+ per gram depending on the Moldavite (Location, Quality, Size, Color, Texture, and other factors). We continue to offer the most competitive pricing online and will do so for as long as we are able to. 

We have a very good selection of Top Quality 1 - 5 & 5 - 19 gram stones, B grade & Special Collection Pieces, Gemstones & Jewelry at some of the best pricing available.

Thank you for choosing InnerVision Crystals.


Mike & The IVC Family

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