Summer Sale Extends through September - Update from Mike

Hi Everyone,

Thank you to our community for the support during this time. We truly appreciate every single one of you.

We have extended the Sale this year as everyone as been impacted by the COVID crisis. For now we are running it through the end of September. Like many, business has been impacted & having bills that dont stop coming in we have made the decision to keep the sale going, basically wholesale everything for a bit in order to do what is needed.

We are in the same boat as are millions of other businesses, Millions more individuals & families have lost jobs, our economy has been wrecked by years of Central Banking Policy, Taxation, Trillions in debt and rising cost of living while wages virtually remain frozen. As an Entrepreneur this is a new & unknown landscape. After all we sell Luxury items, you cant eat your crystals (at least you shouldn't!). But we understand a shifting economy means adapting, and after 14 years in this business I have learned a thing or 2 about discipline and am working with our vendors around the world to make things happen. We are committed to our clients and your love for Moldavite & the stones & jewelry we offer.

So where does that leave those of us who run businesses, have employees & help fund things in our communities? We keep pushing onward, always. We pull together with our Families & extended Fam. We work together in our communities & we do what is necessary, learn to optimize everything, innovate & create...

Thank you again for your continued support here at InnerVision over the years!

Much Love & Blessings

Mike & the IVC Family


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