Moldavite 3.95 g 25x15x11mm

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SKU TW24-32

This piece of Moldavite comes from the field at Bynov

We are very excited about this collection of stones, feauring 25 different field locations collected over 20 years (All pieces feature the product sku TW1 through TW25)

This represents a very good look at the various textures, colors, shapes and other habits of Moldavite formation. Some fields show deep grooved textures, and classic text book formations. While other locations appear smooth, pitted, frosted or almost completely washed out and not very aesthetic. A couple fields the pieces are almost always found with exposed areas / dings, etc. Any serious dings (looks like glass / shiny) will be seen in photos as well.

Each field contains 35 - 37 pieces, and we are also offering 2 complete sets, featuring 1 piece from each field. This a once in a lifetime chance to acquire pieces from other locations than the main fields that produced most stones seen on the market.


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