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Phenakite Crystals Wholesale Lot UKRAINE 31.22 grams 5mm - 12mm

Original price $1,500.00 USD - Original price $1,500.00 USD
Original price
$1,500.00 USD
$1,500.00 USD - $1,500.00 USD
Current price $1,500.00 USD
Welcome to IVC Wholesale.
We only list Wholesale Phenakite lots a couple times each year. These stones are extremely rare and sell very quickly.
  • Location : UKRAINE
  • Terminated Crystals - CLEAR DISC SHAPES
  • 31.22 GRAMS total
  • 5mm - 12mm each
  • 0.10 - 0.90 GRAMS each
  • Quality : A Grade & better, Terminated Disc Shaped Crystals, perfect for jewelry, etc. VERY RARE PARCEL

All wholesale sold as is, no refunds or returns.

Please understand the amount, grade & size of the stones you are purchasing. 

*Phenakite will test diamond on a Presidium Gem tester.

Phenakite (also spelled Phenacite) is a very scarce stone - one of the rarest crystals on earth. For over 15 yrs IVC has sourced the best crystals from around the world. Very little production occurs, with some "large" parcels only containing upwards of a few hundred grams at a time of good crystals depending on the location.

Phenakite is a very rare Beryllium Orthosilicate, Be2 SiO4 mineral composition found in high pressure pegmatite veins. Metaphysically It is said to be one of the highest vibrational stones. It is primarily associated with 6th & 7th Chakras - Third Eye & Crown.
Thank you for choosing IVC.

Help with Measurements  :
1" = 25mm = 2.5cm             1 lb / pound = 453 grams
1/2" = 12.5mm                     1 g / gram = 5 carats
1/4" = 6.35mm                     1 ct / carat = 0.20 grams

Most stones are measured in Grams & mm (Millimeters). Please use these references to better help you understand size, etc.

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