Agni Manitite | Agni Mani 23.71 g 37x25mm

$24.00 USD

Agni Manitite | Agni Mani - Pearl of Fire

These Pseudotektites from Java, Indonesia are sometimes referred to as Cintamani Stones & Pearl of Fire. They are the remnants of Ancient Volcanoes. Some are smooth and some with different textures, the result of years of erosion.

These pseudotektites are the final survivors of their ancestral volcanic parents in the geologic Garden of Eden. As the strongest bits in the hearts of boulders, they are something of a crowning gem (—and the gemmy transparent lilac ones do indeed facet into spectacular jewels!). Hold one and marvel. It is not a tektite. It doesn’t need to be. It is a stone with its own amazing story. It is one of the final generation of its kind before ultimate extinction. A grandfather boulder-heart! from Meteorite-Times magazine.


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