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10/22/2020 - New Stones are here!

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Welcome to the premier online source of Moldavite collection. Since 2006 we have worked closely with our sources in the Czech Republic to bring you the best stones available to the public. Moldavite stones from South Bohemia ; Stoh, Chlum & Zatacka, and other Fields. For all single stones listed below you will receive the exact stone in the pictures.

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IVC is proud to offer the premier collection of these amazing XL size large Moldavite stones.

Being at the source allows us to offer the best selection of 20+ gram Moldavites you will find online. I buy almost every piece I am offered from my source. Moldavite specimens over 20 grams are considered select / large size and are highly sought after. Here you will find the largest online selection of what are considered some of the best Moldavite stones available, direct from the Source. Anything over 50+ Grams is extremely limited and is rarely seen as these quickly end up in Private Collections, The pricing also changes dramatically at the 50+ gram mark.

  • Besednice Moldavite 36.77 g 50x34x23mm - InnerVision Crystals
    Besednice Moldavite 36.77 g 50x34x23mm - InnerVision Crystals
    Sold out
    Original Price $7,300.00 USD
    Current Price $5,475.00 USD

    Besednice Moldavite 36.77 g 50x34x23mm

    20+ grams from this location is very rare, this piece has a few chips, see the pictures for all details. An epic, rarely seen size from the rarest ...

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    Original Price $7,300.00 USD
    Current Price $5,475.00 USD
    Sold out

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