Libyan Desert Glass Bead / Beads

Sold out
$7.00 USD

UPDATED JULY 18, 2019 : These will be the last beads we are offering for LDG

AA grade Beads with great Clarity & inclusions, a couple even have the smoky band.

Please read for all details : This is for 1 bead - buy as many as you like. Direct from the source. We sell out very quickly. 

*These beads are not exactly calibrated, for example 5mm could measure anywhere from 5mm - 5.99mm, However we will do our best to match sizes when multiple pieces are order. These may also vary up to .20mm in sizes.

These are Very hard to obtain as LDG supplies have dwindled, restricted access into the deep desert and export regulations have made obtaining new stones the last 2 years very hard.Drilled for  0.7mm - 1mm jewelry string or wire


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