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Saffordite "Cintamani Stone" C Grade Lots - Only 1 Kilo Available WHOLESALE

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We purchased 1 Kilo of these stones. Thats it. We are working on obtaining larger Single stones in the future after our Buying trip to Tucson early 2019. These get expensive fast and are hard to source.. 


These stones range from under 1 gram to 2.5 gram range, and a good mix will be pulled from the exact kilo shown in the pictures. These are C grade, they are rougher in appearance. smoother texture, exhibits transparency when held up to the light, but looks like pebbles. Some exhibit surface pitting, etc.

You can purchase 10 gram lots (4 to 6 pieces on avg) or 50 & 100 gram lots, we are pricing these wholesale. 

Metaphysically, while Saffordites share similarities with both Tektites and Obsidian, they are more aligned with the Tektites.  Saffordites are most like the Tektite variety Moldavite as they help with rapid spiritual evolution and chakra activation in addition to cleansing and protecting.  Like Obsidian they help to clean out the negative and aid in psychic protection.

Saffordites help lift the veil to the collective consciousness, advancing the spiritual heart and aligning people with their highest mission.  They have the highest vibrational frequencies of any mineral, emanating pure light and love, manifesting the purity of the soul.  They are the reflection of the I AM Presence and are best suited for those star seeds and light workers who are already realizing their divine mission.  These stones vigorously dissolve implants, negative thought forms, emotional blockages and outmoded belief systems.  They expand cosmic consciousness, love, light and grace, establishing peace and harmony within oneself and with life and one’s relationships.  These stones align with all of the chakras, including the new major energy centers.

Mineralogically Saffordites share many traits of Obsidian and Tektites (which include –loosely — Moldavites and Libyan Glass).  Saffordite is a silica-rich mineral and may have some trace elements of magnesium and iron among others. They have a hardness of 5 – 6 (Obsidian: 5 – 5.5, Tektites: 5.5 – 6).  These Saffordites also are glassy like both Obsidian and Tektites and were most likely formed from the extreme heat of either lava or the impact of a meteor and are found in Arizona.

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