IVC Logo 5" Decal Car Sticker | Alchemical Flower of Life

$3.50 USD

In stock and ready to ship! We made a few of these for the team and decided they were so cool we should just print a bunch of them! So, here they are. These are awesome stickers, perfect for cars, glass, windows. You can buy just 1 or 3 packs or 10 if you love them as much as we do!

This is our trademarked logo, The symbol of course, the ancient Flower of Life, known throughout many ancient cultures and juxtaposed in the center, the Philosophers Stone, the secret of the Alchemists, concerning the transmutation of the base / carnal desires (Lead) into Higher virtues & manifestations of spirit (Gold). Joining these 2 symbols represents the divine wisdom of the ancients, the spiritual secrets to be found in Alchemy and other spiritual traditions, The knowledge to spiritize matter, to come to full consciousness realization, union with the divine, the ALL that is.

Custom clear vinyl stickers are printed with white ink behind the design to preserve opacity. Perfect for windows, bottles, etc.

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