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Prophecy Stones | Stick Shapes WHOLESALE 1 kilo CLEARANCE

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Please READ description for all details.

Prophecy Stones are a very unique stone. They are a Pseudomorph, Limonite / Hematite After Marcasite / Pyrite. The original Crystal Structure remains from the Marcasite / Pyrite but has morphed and the molecules changed completely into something else.

These stones come from an extremely remote area of the White Desert in Egypt.

We purchased a large old stock reserve and have way more than we need.  


*1 kilo / 1000 grams of desirable Stick shapes. They range in size from approx 25mm to 80mm+ / 5 grams to 50+ grams each. These are B+ & A Grade, No dings / damage really, some with contacts points but most are floaters with no matrix attachment. These have a slightly smoother texture, some with good definition & form.

*This is mine run meaning these will need to be cleaned / given a bath / wiped down when you get them. They have a thin layer of the desert dust on them still, reddish in color. An old towel works great!

*No Returns on Wholesale as demand is limited. Quality & a good selection of sizes & textures is Guaranteed.