Amethyst 161 g 71x55mm Elestial Scepter

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Original Price $400.00 USD
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These amazing Amethyst crystals came out of Zimbabwe, Africa in November 2018.  Many of them are Smoky Amethyst. These crystals were obtained on the last day of my business partners trip to Africa to secure other stones for us. They flew back in his luggage.

These are some of the best Smoky Amethyst Scepters & Elestial crystals I have seen. They rival the world class crystals from Hallelujah Junction (CO / NV Mountain Range, USA) and Brandbergs (Namibia, South Africa).

You will find amazing phantoms, & many have hematite, enhydros and other features. We hope you enjoy these amazing crystals as much as we do. There was only this 10 kilo lot of these, just over 100 crystals. We do not know if these will happen again, one of those right time, right place deals that happen from time to time. And now we get to share them with the world.


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