Amethyst 189.8 g 87mm

$380.00 USD

A couple months ago I heard about some new Amethyst crystals in Nigeria, Africa. Most Amethyst is commonly found growing via Geodes, Druzy like, etc, so to see the crystals grow like normal Quartz points grabbed my attention right away.

They are very unique, Dark crystals, the majority of them have a Matte finish / texture, and feature Cathedral / Lightbrary formations. They remind of of how the Congo Citrine forms, and some of the Vera Cruz Amethyst sprays from Mexico.

These would probably cut some beautiful cabs / gems, but I'm all about keeping them natural in crystal form so I ordered 10 kilos of the best they had, keep that in mind too... terminated crystals with good colors, minimum nicks / dings, etc.

Something different and we wont be getting more so enjoy these!


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