Besednice Moldavite 7.55 g 3028x8mm

$566.00 USD

These are from the famed Besednice field, now long depleted in Czech Republic.

Please examine all photographs, any nicks / dings to be noted have been photographed up close and appear as shiny / glass or white. Some pieces which do not have these extra photos are as good as it gets, very minor nicks / dings may be present as this is common for being in the ground 15 millions years.

The spiky hedgehogs as they are referred to, are the rarest and most sought after of all Moldavite. These amazing Moldavites are very hard to find on the market in any quantity as limited reserves are held by one source, and larger stones over 10 grams are increasingly rare to see outside of collections.

Help with measurements?

25.5mm = 1" and 1 gram = 5 carats


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