Charoite 51.35 ct 38x25mm

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Common Healing Properties of Charoite:

Metaphysical Properties : Aids you on your path of spiritual service, Stimulates your creative energies & Promotes inner reflection. Encourages you to have a positive attitude & Facilitates protection. Promotes compassion and empathy, Prompts mystical experiences, Aids in spiritual healing, Enhances experiences during, shamanic journeying, Facilitates communication with members of the fairy realm
Increases the power of H.A.D.O or water-crystal healing. Cleanses your emotional and psychic bodies, Encourages deeper states of meditation & Induces a feeling of peace and tranquility (Love And Light School / Ashley Leavy)

Discovered in the 1940s, Charoite was unknown to the outside world until 1978. Its name is derived from the Chara (or Charo) River in eastern Siberia, Russia, the only site in the world where it is found. The word “Chary” in Russian means “magic” or “charms.” The term “Charoite Jade” is a trade name for Charoite used in various applications as a decorative stone. [][]

Charoite is a complex silicate containing elements such as potassium, sodium, calcium, barium, strontium, oxygen, silicon, and hydrogen. It is often found with inclusions of microcline feldspar, aergirine-augite, and tinaksite. Its distinctive color, ranging from bright lavender and violet to deep purple, together with its unusual patterns makes it so unusual it is often mistaken for a synthetic. It is found in massive form in dense fibrous aggregates, and may be translucent to opaque with a slight to moderate chatoyancy and a vitreous silky luster. It is relatively soft for use in rings or bracelets, but works well in other jewelry. It is heat sensitive so steam cleaning and ultrasonic methods should be avoided


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