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Covellite in Quartz "Pink Fire Quartz" 6.20 ct 18x9mm

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22 pieces, that is all. When it's gone...it's gone

At First glance they do not look like anything special. But then you get the sun or really good light to hit it at the right angle and the flashes come alive. Clear Quartz With Metallic Blue, Blue-Black specs, with Pink Fire inclusions when turned just right in the light. Behold the beauty.

Pink Fire Quartz, or Covellite included Quartz was found in Brazil over a decade ago around 2005. The single source is now depleted and rumors and stories exist to tell the tale of a reclusive old man in Brazil who rarely sold his stones, and only if you were willing to buy $$$$$. Thankfully one of my business partners bought the last of it available this year and we are very excited to offer these. This occurrence is extremely rare, if not one of the rarest ever discovered by humans thus far. These are expensive, but can you put a price on something that is no longer available?

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