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Limited Edition Talisman "Pentad" SILVER Moldavite


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This is the 2nd piece in the Esoteric Jewelry exclusively from IVC / JX. First Run is Limited to only 20 pieces = 17 in .925 Silver and 3 in 14k Solid Gold.The piece was fabricated and hand cut from Silver sheet, built then a mold was made and the finished carving in Wax began to bring out the multi dimensional layers of the piece. The piece is 30x25x4mm in size. 7mm Faceted Moldavite Gemstone

These do not come with chains however, if you would like a chain please send me a direct EMAIL

The Star or Pentagram a symbol of Protection since very early on in Esoteric Symbolism, from the Ancients to early Christian groups. This is a truly magical piece for the serious Metaphysician or those interested in such Esoteric things.

This piece represents 5. The esoteric meaning of the number five is that the five expresses the idea of ​​the “perfect man” with developed will, able to put yourself in the center of the cross of the elements and to manage them. In his divine aspect of the five is a symbol of the spark of the Absolute – the Monad, which is a customized part of the whole. By definition Shmakova “each individual monad – a ray emanated Deity is a certain aspect of the Godhead and the universe.” In the natural aspect of the five means the cosmic sphere with the four elements and the sides of the world, to manage a single top tier – Spirit at the center. In other words, the manifestation of the five in the realm of nature may be referred to as a process of spiritualization of nature or the cosmos. In the aspect of human nature symbolizes the five closed and infinite microcosm Insider Hierophant Magician at the center of the four elements and control both external and internal natural forces. Five is a graphical representation of a pentagram – a five-pointed star, serving either forward or in reverse, that is upside down. Schools and various secret orders fit into the pentagram figure of a man or a goat. If the pentagram straight, then head placed in the highest point, and placed his hands and feet – in other corners of the figure. If the pentagram is reversed, or inverted, then the figure, which are entered into her dark orders and schools, is the figure of a goat, who represents the devil, the father of lies, the bearer of evil. reference.

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Mike Eggleston & Jarex Schmidt

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