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Ganesha Carving | Herkimer Diamond Quartz Crystal 62 g 57x43mm

2"+ Water Clear Herks like this are extremely rare, and this beauty has it all, 3D Ganesha coming up out of the bottom natural termination. Comes with Stand shown.

Every year we select Moldavite & a few other Quartz Crystals to carve for our yearly collection of these one of a kind pieces of art.

The Moldavite & small carvings are considered as high end gemstones, and are all suitable for setting in custom jewelry. The larger hand size pieces make amazing Altar / Meditation / Display pieces. Mike selects the pieces personally, looking for the best suitable rough to transform. The pieces are then sent to our good friend Nuang, for him & his studio to transform them. These pieces are hand carved in Thailand.

The pricing on these Moldavite stones range from $30 - $45 per carat

This years collection is made up of 43 pieces. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do.

Thank you & Blessings

Mike & the IVC Family



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