Herkimer Diamond Quartz Crystal 288 g 91x58mm Skeletal

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These larger Herkimer Diamond Crystals come from Middleville, NY.

Most Herkimer Diamonds are single crystals, with occasional "rider" or "penetrating" crystal attached, these usually run up in size to around 3", all though places in St. Johnsville & Fonda NY are producing huge crystals 6" - 10" in size, these of course are not water clear, and are full of gas inclusions in this size, but nonetheless, massive crystals for this quartz variety.

About Herkimer Clusters - almost ALL Clusters - Multiple Crystals together - have 1 or more crystals that have been professionally reconstructed using special epoxy. (Not repaired - these crystals only go together one way , "key marks" and almost all of them fall apart in the pockets over 500 million years since their creation. The best clusters in the world have been reconstructed as well). If it says Natural Cluster in the title then that has not been reconstructed and is something rare indeed.

Skeletal Crystals are interrupted growth, layer by layer they grew and regrew forming these etched faces and elestial features. These are rare, especially for Middleville where the 2 main mines are located. Scepters also occur, having long black stems, and primarily formed in the Little Falls region and are seldom seen in other locations.

These are a 7.5 hardness, slightly harder than normal quartz.

These beautiful double terminated water clear crystals are some of the best Quartz Crystals in the world. Direct from the source right here in upstate NY. Thank you for choosing IVC

Measurement help? 25.5mm = 1" 1 gram = 5 carats


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