Herkimer Diamond Quartz Crystal A+ 2.25 g 15x13mm

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These are listed with their grade / quality in the title, A , A+ or AA. A Grade to AA grade make up around 5% or less of all the crystals that come out of the ground. Very few have any serious quantity outside of the 2 main mines here in NY.

You will receive the exact stone or lot pictured here.

Herkimer Diamond Quartz Crystals are harder than regular quartz at 7.5 hardness.

These crystals come from right here in Central NY, from a local miner who dug for years at Herkimer Diamond Mine in Middleville NY. Crystals this quality over 12.5mm (1/2") are very rare, as most begin to form inclusions over 10mm+

Size / Measurement References : 5 carats (cts) = 1 Gram (g)  25.5mm = 1" (inch)

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