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Lapis Lazuli + Herkimer Diamond Quartz Bead Bracelet

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Measurements :

Beads are 8mm each, 24 beads. This is a  bit larger than the 22 bead / 7" which is One size fits most. This Will fit up to 7.5" - 7.75" wrist snug, will be a much looser fit on those with smaller 5" - 6.5" wrists

*These Herkimer Diamond beads are not available for single bead sales, these are direct from my miner source here in NY and are only being used in our bracelets, as rough is limited.

Lapis Lazuli is a very spiritual stone associated with The third eye, revered in Ancient Egypt and other cultures, and Herkimer Diamond Quartz which clears and balances all chakras, as well as amplify other stones & intention.

We make all of these bracelets in house here at IVC.

These bracelets have become very popular, and can be worn for any occasion which makes them an every day choice for many. We wanted a more affordable option to offering our Moldavite beads in bracelets as they get expensive fast with all Moldavite. So I sourced some very good beads and learned to tie the perfect knot.

These are strung using 0.7mm Stretch Magic jewelry string. These will stand up to normal every day wear. Roll them on and off as much as possible, do not shower, or sleep or wear for days at a time without taking off. Chemicals in soap and oils can break down the string over time. You can easily restring the piece yourself anytime if you choose to, as the knot is very easy to learn.

All beads are sourced wholesale direct and are guaranteed to be natural untreated stones. Quality is #1 at IVC. We never waste time with synthetic, treated or dyed stones.

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