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Moldavite | 1 Stone - B GRADE (Choose Size) ***SPECIAL $6 PER GRAM***


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These are 20% OFF for the End of Year / Q4 Sale.

These are priced as good as it gets and will not be further discounted. $6 per gram

Please choose the size stone you would like, see picture for size comparison. You will get 1 stone in that size, from 2+ gram up to 8+ grams each. Please See the picture on the wood that shows relative size per stone in each size, to help you choose.

These B grade Moldavite stones are pulled from Kilos of what is considered Regular Quality.

No Choice, we will pick random as ordered. We have pulled out any "junk" or badly dinged pieces. We decided to offer these for those looking for more affordable pieces to work with and not concerned with aesthetics.

These are our "B Grade" stones, They may have common nicks / dings from erosion and being in the ground nearly 14.5 million years! A bit more worn Texture that varies from piece to piece, some spiky, some worn and smooth, some chunky and weird! Nice colors when held up to the light, from Bright Green to Olive and everything in between.

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