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Moldavite Bead Bracelet | Choose Size

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Original price $488.00 USD - Original price $488.00 USD
Original price
$488.00 USD
$488.00 USD - $488.00 USD
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11/11/2020 - We are currently sold out

We have some single beads & Necklaces in the jewelry collection

    All beads are the highest quality Moldavite available.

    These Bracelets are strung on stretchy jewelry filament string. You can restring them as you see fit if you choose to do so.

    We get these beads done a couple times a year, it takes a lot of thick rough to cut enough. Considering most Moldavite is 4 grams or under on avg & Flatter you can imagine how hard that can be. IVC & our Czech partner are very happy to offer these rare pieces to the public.

    Each Moldavite from IVC comes with a company COA , for peace of mind regarding the fakes on the maket educate yourself here