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Original Price $115.00 USD
Current Price $92.00 USD

Updated 12/2/2020 - 25% OFF our remaining beads until Dec 31!

**Please read for all details**

These are locked in at a set price exclusively for our community, no further discounts will be added.

This is for 1 bead, choose from sizes 6mm up to XL Sixes 10mm to 16mm, buy one or buy them all. Moldavite beads are not sold by the strand here as they would be thousands of dollars.

*These are not calibrated exactly, they may range for example from 8mm to 8.75mm+ | The Larger Beads over 10mm are extremely rare, and 12mm begin to weigh over 2 grams, the 16mm for example are over 5.5 grams each. The size needed to cut such large beads is rarely seen.

Moldavite beads are extremely rare, only a handful of us have them in any quantity. The amount of thick rough needed to cut full beads is very hard as most Moldavite is thin, and loss of material from carving is 90% or greater on average. This makes these some of the rarest & expensive beads in the world.

We only get these a couple times a year & with dwindling Moldavite supply in Czech Republic the prices on Moldavite across the board are only going up from here.

Thank you for choosing IVC, the premier online Moldavite source since 2006.

*There are many fakes on the market, like the ones on etsy & ebay. The way to tell fakes is that they are very cheap, sold by the strand, CLEAN like glass, meaning you do not see any inclusions, etc. All Real Moldavite has bubbles of some kind & lechatelierite inclusions. To learn more click here


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