Moldavite Bead | Choose Size

$70.00 USD

Updated 6/7/21 - We have a limited amount of new beads.

Please read for all details : This is for 1 bead - buy as many as you like. We sell out very quickly every time we release these.

This lot is mostly Green, light / dark mix & some slightly Olive in color. No picking. We pull / match them as they sell. The beads may have slight surface imperfections due to bubbles in the stones reaching the surface.

*Due to supply issues / no major production in Czech Republic prices have gone up since last year by 3x to 4x on the rough. Bead prices have doubled. There is nothing we can do about this. We have reached a critical point now in available stones & are running through reserves & buying collections. We will not have the available material to continue making beads as the thick rough needed for full beads is not being mined.

*These beads are not exactly calibrated, for example 5mm could measure anywhere from 5mm - 5.99mm, However we will do our best to match sizes when multiple pieces are order.

Drilled for  0.7mm - 1mm jewelry string or wire

Moldavite is only found in Czech Republic. Only a few of us have access these beads in any serious quantity. We have them made a few times a year with our Czech partner.

These will have minor inclusions, bubbles & Lechatilerite. Rarely does natural Moldavite appear Clean with no inclusions of any kind visible to the eyes.

These beads are very rare & are priced PER BEAD, a strand would cost Thousands of dollars and no one sells them like this, most of what you find on Ebay & esty are fakes. Please read this page for more info regarding the fake stones on the market.


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