Moldavite Gemstone 4.65 ct 12mm

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These are some of my favorite Moldavite gemstones that we have ever had. Precision cut custom shapes perfect for collection or setting in jewelry.

*These are not perfectly calibrated. They range up to 0.05 - 0.15mm

These Moldavite gemstones are cut from our hand selected rough. All stones are cut exclusively for IVC, we do not source cut stones from others. These are cut very well and come in a very good range of color, we also quality control all new stones, anything heavily included or brown does not usually make the cut. These are as good as it gets.

Faceted Moldavites are rarely "flawless" as they all have swirls or bubbles, inclusions of lechatelierite (pure silica glass - melted quartz) of some kind within them from when they were created. Some are nearly eye clean while others are quite noticeable, but with a loupe you will always SEE what nature made.


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