Moldavite + Meteorite Mala Bead Necklace 42" 610 carats / 122 grams

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This one is special. The Energy of the Moldavite & Meteorite is perfect for deep meditations. We are always happy to offer these amazing & rare pieces. IVC & our Czech Partner are the only ones with these Malas on the market. It takes a lot of thick rough to carve full beads and we only get these done a few times a year. We have made and sold less than 30 of these amazing Malas in the world. These usually do not make it to the website. Beware of cheap imitations on ebay & etsy. This has been professionally strung & knotted on very strong jewelry string here at IVC.

42" Mala

108 + 1 Moldavite Beads, 8.5 - 9.5mm each, 520 carats total

4 Muonionalusta Meteorite , 10mm each, 90 carats total

Buy direct from the source at IVC


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