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Moldavite Regular Quality 1 Kilo / 1000 grams WHOLESALE

June 14, 2018 : Current Kilo Wholesale Price is $3.50 per gram

No Kilo orders until July 2018. Please contact to order

Moldavite Wholesale - REGULAR QUALITY  : These pieces will range between 1 gram to 19 grams each. Most of this runs 2 - 8 g , an even mix of stock on hand is given. All based on availability and Fields / Locations also vary.
(The avg weight of ALL moldavites in existence is approx. 4 g for reference)
Nicks & Dings present on some pieces, some will not (the result of 14 million years of erosion / being in the ground) A Good mix of Colors, Textures, Shapes.

All orders Based on Availability - This will always be a good mix but certain sizes can not be guaranteed (For example all larger, etc)

All Wholesale is sold as is - no refunds or exchange , based on availability. All Wholesale orders are Fully Insured and Trackable, International Customers are responsible for VAT / Customs fees / Taxes. InnerVision Crystals is the largest U.S. Wholesale Source for Moldavite and Guarantees all Moldavite are Natural mined stones from the Czech Republic.

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