Moldavite REGULAR QUALITY | 1 to 7 grams WHOLESALE LOT

$300.00 USD
Lot Size

Updated 7/20/2020 : The newest stones run between 2 to 8 grams on avg, a few larger, a few smaller

PLEASE READ : This is Regular Quality / B grade Stones. These will have nicks & larger dings, some will have naturally cleaved sections / halfs, ect. This is how this grade comes. No Choice or picks. A selection of 1 to 7+ grams each, always a good mix. Some larger pieces may be mixed in depending on what is available.

Good for Glass Blowing, Jewelry, etc.

$6 per gram | 50 grams

$5 per gram | 100 grams

All wholesale is based on availability. No returns or exchanges.

*No Kilo orders at this time. There is no major production in Czech Republic since the Zatacka field closed.

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