Moldavite Top Quality Small Wholesale Lot **NEW**

Sold out
$400.00 USD

Top Quality Moldavite, these range from 1 gram to 3 grams, some a little smaller & larger. Most range in the 1 to 2+ range.

See the Pics for example lot of 50 Grams so you know what to expect.

Good Green colors, a good mix of small stones. This is how this size comes. No Choice or picks, most of these are perfect. These come from Chlum & Zatacka fields. Very minor nicks / imperfections may be present.

Good for Glass Blowing, Jewelry, Orgone & Affordable small pieces

All wholesale is based on availability. No returns or exchanges.

*No Kilo orders at this time. There is no major production in Czech Republic since the Zatacka field closed in 2017


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