Phenakite 99 g 55x47mm

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Original Price $1,000.00 USD
Current Price $700.00 USD

Location : Carnaiba Emerald Mines , Bahia State , Brazil

We were very excited to hear about this find and we purchased the entire lot.

These Brazil Crystals are like their Russian & Colorado cousins, they tend to get very big and for the most part they are opaque in transparency, while smaller gem quality crystals are found, they are of course very rare.

Phenakite is one of the rarest crystals in the world. It is a beryllium silicate crystal that forms in high pressure pegmatite veins, and dissolves beryl as it forms. Beryls are Aqumarine, Emerald, Morganite, Heliodor, etc.

These crystals are highly sought by collectors as Phenakite is not seen often on the market in any serious quantity. We are very happy that we can offer these at an affordable price, depending on grade from Rough at a couple dollars per gram, up to the larger ones in the $10 - $20 gram range. (The Gem quality Nigerian & Burmese for example run $100 - $200 per gram)

The black matrix seen on some of these is Biotite Mica which forms at the Emerald Mine.


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