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These are the only Phenakite Beads in the US market

Please read so you order the right size!

  • 8mm beads, Choose from 24 and 26 bead Bracelets.
  • 24 Bead bracelets will fit MOST Womens wrists, up to size 7" or so
  • 26 Bead bracelets will fit MOST Mens wrists, up to 7.5" or so

These bracelets weight 18 - 20 grams each.

The stones come from the Carnaiba Emerald Mine in Brazil. They vary in color, From Clear, Peach, Pink, Grey to Blackish mix, if you find any specks of Green, that is Emerald. If these beads were Gem Quality Clear / Clean they would be 5x more, but of course that is impossible as that much clean rough just does not exist.

We are very excited about this project. We sent over 7 kgs of Phenakite - Over $20k US - to be transformed, a huge $ gamble, as bead production is only about 10% return.

Phenakite is extremely rare, and we don't know of any other beads on the market other than some that were available at a show in Japan 2 years ago.


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