Phenakite Gemstone 4.10 ct 13x8mm A

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Original Price $820.00 USD
Current Price $410.00 USD

We are very excited to release these crystals. We have purchased the entire 2020 production from the Carnabia Emerald Mine in Brazil. These are white / grey in color, some with black Mica Schist attached. Brazil tends to produce larger crystals than other locations. Gem quality material is even rarer and is cut into gemstones at the mine.

Our Phenakite Gemstone Grading Scale :

  • AAA = VVS / EYE CLEAN $300 ct
  • AA = Very Slight Inclusions $250 ct
  • A = Slightly included $200 ct
  • B = Moderately included $125 ct
  • C = Heavily Included $80 ct
  • These are not calibrated - mm measurement is rounded

Phenakite is a very rare Beryllium Orthosilicate, Be2 SiO4 mineral composition found in high pressure pegmatite veins with Beryl Crystals (Aquamarine, Emerald, etc). Metaphysically It is said to be one of the highest vibrational stones on the planet & is prized by collectors. It is primarily associated with 6th & 7th Chakras - Third Eye & Crown.



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