Prophecy Stones | WHOLESALE 1 kilo Lots

$250.00 USD
SKU Prophecy WS1

Please READ description for all details.

Prophecy Stones are a very unique stone. They are a Pseudomorph, Limonite / Hematite After Marcasite / Pyrite. The original Crystal Structure remains from the Marcasite / Pyrite but has morphed and the molecules changed completely into something else.

These stones come from an extremely remote area of the White Desert in Egypt.

We purchased some old stock reserves and have way more than we need.  


*1 kilo / 1000 grams of more desirable Rounder shapes. They range in size from approx 15mm to 50mm+ / 5 grams to 60+ grams each. These are B+ & A Grade, No dings / damage really, some with contacts points but most are floaters with no matrix attachment. These have a smoother texture, some with good definition.

*This is mine run meaning these will need to be cleaned / given a bath / wiped down when you get them. They have a layer of the desert dust on them still, reddish in color.

*No Returns on Wholesale as demand is limited. Quality & a good selection of sizes & textures is Guaranteed.


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