Spessartine Garnet 8.34 g 17x16mm

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These amazing Orange Garnets come from Loliondo, Tanzania in Africa. These Garnets are relatively rare & come from one source location. They have complex terminations all around, some have contact points from where it grew on the matrix.

Metaphysically, Garnet revitalizes feelings and is a powerfully energising stone whilst conversely, it can bring you serenity.  This stone controls anger, especially towards one’s self and helps in challenging situations, especially if you feel helpless.  It strengthens your survival instinct, instils fortitude and turns a crisis into an opportunity. Garnet dissolves ingrained behaviour patterns that are no longer serving you, assists you to release outdated ideas and plan for the future.

Garnet cleanses and re-energises the chakras.  It is said to be able to warn of approaching danger and was carried as a protective talisman. Garnet activates other crystals, amplifying their effect and has a strong link with the pituitary gland. It sharpens up your perceptions of yourself and other people and can stimulate expanded awareness and past life recall. (Judy Hall / The Crystal Bible)



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