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Starter Metaphysical Crystal Set / "Spencer's Crystal Kit"

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In early 2016 Spencer and I started having a conversation, an idea that lead to this. He has been into crystals for awhile now and has a few pieces from IVC in his private collection. Well, after a lot of thought and going back and forth to the drawing board we have come up with this set of beautiful stones. These sets are available exclusively to Spencer's Social Media Followers who are into stones & meditation. So here it is! The Starter Metaphysical Crystal Set. The perfect gift. This exclusive set is limited to 500 this release, 100 at a time with each release having its own exclusive bonus or discount code of some kind. Each Kit also comes with a 3x3 IVC Logo "Alchemy Flower of Life ®" Sticker

"I look at crystals as a beautiful thing. It's all about intention. If I want to look at an amethyst and it puts me in a good mood, then it is working. It's all about having positive thoughts. Before, I didn't think that way. The natural beauty and mystery intrigue me and make the imagination spin" Spencer Pratt

The 5 stones in this set are : Moldavite (Czech Republic) 1 to 1.5 g piece, Herkimer Diamond Quartz (NY - USA) 10mm - 12mm B+ / A Grade Crystal, Amethyst point (Uruguay) 3/4" - 1" A Grade, Shiva Lingam (India) 1"+ & Black Tourmaline (China) 3/4" - 1"+

This is the perfect starter set for those interested in Crystals & Stones, especially for Metaphysical reasons or use as Meditation tools. This project sounded like a fun idea to us, So we sourced the stones and everything we needed. The only challenge was to find 500 of each stone we wanted in uniform size, natural crystals in the same grade & quality, in their raw beauty. Its easy to buy lots of all sizes but to get all of a certain size can be difficult. We also wanted to keep these sets affordable, without cutting corners and using cheap "rough", tumbled or polished stones. Thankfully here at IVC we are able to source the stones directly from independent miners and dealers making it all come together. The Stones vary in size slightly from set to set.

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