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Moldavite, the Gem that fell from the sky.


Welcome to The Largest Online Selection & U.S. Source for Moldavite direct from the Czech Republic.

Everything from Wholesale Moldavite & Single Specimens, Besednice, Faceted Gems, Carvings, Jewelry & Select Grades. All Sizes & Quantities.

Moldavite is classed in the Tektite Family as the result of a Meteorite nearly 15 millions years ago and only occurs in the Czech Republic

InnerVision Crystals is at the source, partnered direct with 1 source in the Czech Republic since 2007, you will always find the most competitive pricing & largest Online Inventory of amazing Moldavites. I personally select every piece that is listed here. Thank you.

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All Moldavite is 100% Guaranteed Natural Stones Direct from the Source To learn how to spot fakes go here and educate yourself.