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How do I know your Moldavite is real?

This is a question we get a lot.

InnerVision Crystals is one of the most trusted & well known stores in the Moldavite World. Since 2006 we have worked closely with our Partners in Czech Republic to source the best stones available. All of our Moldavite comes with a company COA & are 100% Guaranteed by IVC.

I am Mike Eggleston, the President & founder of IVC, and also one of the leading experts in the world on Moldavite, & how to spot the fakes coming out of Asia & India. I have also provided info on the Metaphysical aspects & about the fakes, and my wife, Alicyn Eggleston, edited and arranged the English translation for this book - Moldavite - Mysterious Tears from Heaven, written by our friends in Czech Republic.

Discovery Channels show "Ancient Aliens" has featured our stones in their Relics episode (SE06EP08) as well & We are well known by all the major Authors, Naisha Ahsian (Book of Stones), Judy Hall (The Crystal bible) & Ashley Leavy (Love & Light school) to name a few.

Using the Link below, You can read & see all about the fakes here, we have the top resource page about them, #1 on google "How to spot fake Moldavite". We have tested a number of them here in NY at Colgate University for education purposes. I know the Department Chair of the Geology Dept, our kids are in the same class. See more info on the fakes here

Please note - as far as a Certificate of Authenticity (COA) - anyone can print anything these days. We have seen fake Lab certifications on etsy and ebay for years. (No one certifies stones in bulk , it is not cost effective at all) We were the first US Company to make our small company COA cards. The key is finding a trusted vendor and educating yourself about Moldavite.

You can also read about how we source all our stones.

I Hope this helps with peace of mind.

Thank you!
Mike Eggleston
President / CEO
InnerVision Crystals
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