Buying and Sourcing Crystals, Gems & Jewelry for IVC

Every crystal and gemstone here at InnerVision Crystals is sourced directly. I am very set on a few things when it comes to doing business. 1. Every single person, from the miner to the client must be happy with the transaction. No one must feel taken advantage of in any way. There is enough to go around for all to be abundant and prosperous when done properly. 2. When it comes to Gemstones, and crystals - Natural stones only. No synthetics or chemical treatments or dyes. The best quality available. 3. I only deal with independent miners or legitimate mines where the crystals and stones are legally and ethically mined. From Moldavite to Herkimers to Phenakite and Brandbergs, I know my sources personally and we work to bring you the best quality stones at the best prices around. It is the only way to truly offer clients the best crystals & you have to get as close to the mine source as possible when operating at this level.

When it comes to gemstones, IVC works direcly with a company in Sri Lanka, New World Gems. All of our stones are cut from our own rough that I personally select. I also work closely with a few of the best Custom Lapidary Artists in the world and can have truly unique one of a kind heir looms created for jewelry or collection.
When buying single loose stones I deal only with my personal sources. Even most retail jewelry chains today are using synthetic stones and no one cares or is the wiser, and they charge the same $. You have to be educated when it comes to gemstones. Do your research. Learn about the stones you love. Experience trumps all other things. IVC offers both single stones and Wholesale for jewelers as well.

Jewelry here at IVC is a very special thing. As we expand this end of the business we continue to add many pre fab casting styles and have been working very closely with a few of the best up and coming Jewelry designers to release custom one of a kind high end jewelry hand made pieces in very limited production runs.
So there is a little peek inside how I source stones here at InnerVision Crystals

Thank you & I hope you find something special in your visit to this little corner of the internet

Mike Eggleston
Owner / IVC
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