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Herkimer Diamond Quartz Crystals

Absolutely stunning. Quick shipping and wonderful customer service. Will be back for more!

Very nice stone and setting

I bought this for my husband and it exceeded my expectations!

Raw AA Moldavite

Great color and cut, speedy delivery as well. I'm very satisfied.


Great quality as always! The Ankh pendant with the 5mm Moldavite is the perfect size. I love it!

Great Moldavite

Beautiful dark green pendant, perfect size, high quality as usual and the price was amazing! Thank you so much, I am already wearing it. Shipping was super fast too.

Raw AA Moldavite

This is one of the BEST moldavite stones I've ever owned! Meditating with this (and I don't meditate well) was incredible and I'm so grateful to Inner Vision Crystals for providing such high quality stones, crystals and moldavite! Thank you!

Shungite Bead Bracelet

I LOVE this! I use it to help filter electromagnetic interference. I think it works better than any device you can buy for the same purpose.

This is my absolute favorite too!

Stunning, strong, well made and a definite eye-catcher. When the light hits the silver just right it is so powerful! I love it!!

Alchemy Pendant Moldavite

Perfect for making magic happen! Very well made and the stone is stunning!

Moldavite Sunflower Ring

Very well made and strong! It's a powerful stone and the ring makes a definite statement. Highly recommend!

Ankh Pendant Silver with Moldavite

I don't think the picture does this beautiful Ankh justice. It is stunning! The stone is gorgeous and the silver is extra shiny. I appreciate how structurally strong the silver is. It's an eye-catcher!

Moldavite Gemstone 5mm
Jennifer H
5mm Moldavite Gemstone

I love this little gem! So beautiful and so powerful!

great vibrations didn’t do much physically

i can tell it has great energy but i have had it for about 3 weeks now and no physical changes like people leaving or common things like that. then again i am already very intuition based and can’t stand low vibrational people anyway. i do think it helped with connecting with my spirit guide though…..10/10 recommend 👍🏻

Moldavite Sunflower Ring

The color, cut, clarity and style of this ring is gorgeous! I love wearing it.

my absolute favorite

I've purchased I use daily. The quality of the pendant and energy of the stone are just beautiful!
Both will be inherited by my kids when I'm no longer here. I purposely purchased the extra one so they will each have one to remember me by. :-) Weird??

Always Fantastic!

Thanks again for such quality!!! So beautiful!!!

Excellent Quality

The stones I ordered are beautiful. I highly recommend this seller


Bigger and more beautiful than expected! Definitely genuine! Thank you so much!

My favorite ring

This is a solid ring, the moldavite is beautiful and the design of the ring compliments it perfectly.

Excellent Moldavite

This will now be my only source to purchase Moldavite.

Libyan Desert

I enjoy the stone's and I will love to get more discount like this company. I start my small business with you company. I hope you company keep growing for many many years. And something then I was very curious of this Stones is a background and you have a good quality of the stones also you extended the discount on each expenses only have and I was glad that you did because I buy more to expand my product. Thank you so much to extend onto June the 30th the discount of the wholesale of those a beautiful stones that you have are very very appreciate it.


These are perfect for crystal gridding or carrying around in your pocket or bra! (Let's be real ladies!) Great purchase.

Will make a nice cab

I ordered a gram and asked for enough clear material to cut a decent cab and they delivered! Inner Vision FTW 🙌🏼

Moldavite littles

Littles have alot of juice. I have always and will always buy my moldavite here you all are amazing and prices are awesome. Thank you for selling my favorite stone and I dont have to worry about if its legit or not, it means alot.