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About InnerVision Crystals

about innervision crystals moldavite
Welcome to the webs Premier collection of Moldavite, Phenakite, Herkimer Diamond Quartz, Brandberg Crystals and more. Use the menu above to Explore a few thousand crystals, gemstones, minerals, jewelry & more.

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InnerVision Crystals was founded in Spring 2006, Specializing in Moldavite, Phenakite, Herkimer Diamonds & Lemurian Quartz. I had a passion for working with these 4 crystals and decided to specialize primarily in these. Over the last 10 years I have made my way to the source for each of the stones, offering Wholesale & single specimens. IVC has grown to offer many other beautiful crystals, gemstones and minerals. Now offering the Largest online collections of many stones branching out into Minerals, Gemstones & Jewelry. Please shoot me an email if you are looking for something specific.

IVC has quickly become known for quality and excellent service to meet the needs of a wide range of clients across the world. I deal with Everyone from the private collector, to top Jewelry Designers, from Jacquie Aiche Jewelry, Jewlery Television (JTV), Ramstar Designs, Top Notch Faceting, Rise Designs, John Ebert, Adam Ramseyer, Jarex Schmidt & many more. Moldavite from IVC was also featured on the History Channel Show "Ancient Aliens"

Being at the source allows me to operate on a very unique level and offer a very deep inventory of amazing stones. Extremely Competitive Pricing & Different Discounts of some kind run every month, the quality & prices offered are as good as it gets. I also offer Wholesale to others in the business.

Shipping & Customer Service are top priorities here. I ship a few thousand orders a year. Orders are shipped quickly & daily, excluding weekends & Holidays.You can come visit in person on the road at the East Coast Gem Show in W. Springfield, Mass, The Herkimer Diamond Gem Show & the NY / NJ Gem Show. See our GEM SHOW SCHEDULE


InnerVision Crystals is Located in Hamilton, NY - USA

This is what I love to do and I hope I can share that passion with you and put some amazing crystals and gems in your hands.

Thank you & Blessings,
Mike Eggleston
SKYPE : MikeEgg2010 (If you want to communicate via skype please email me to set up a time)



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