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25% OFF Ends May 3 1

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Private Crystal Consulting with Mike

Private Consulting with Mike from IVC.

Looking for something special to add to your Private Collection?

This service is an opportunity to work one on one with Michael Eggleston / InnerVision Crystals. Mike & IVC are known throughout the industry for Quality, Selection, and some of the most competitive pricing available.

Whether you are looking for a single piece or multiple pieces working on a larger budget, I can help make that dream come true.

I have worked hard over 18 years to build career long relationships with our direct Mine Partners, Independent Jewelers & other sources. Doing business the right way allows long term partnerships & helps raise the bar in our niche market.

Its all about the Energy, from start to finish, a shared InnerVision to co-create something special, everyone involved must walk away happy.

I will do my best to source what you are looking for and help make your Vision possible.

  • Budget : $10k to $1 Million+
  • Source Directly
  • Competitive Pricing and Secure Shipping
  • Selection - The Ability to find the best of the best
  • Rarity -  One of a kind unique pieces
  • Custom Jewelry with any stones & metals you can imagine
  • Trust, Privacy, Transparency = Peace of Mind

Crystals have become more and more popular over the last few years, a lot of cheap, mass produced stones have been flooding the market, even on shelves at well known retailers. I have many clients with stories of dealers just looking to make a quick sale, overcharging, jumping through hoops, & other gimmicky approaches. I work with specialized, small scale independent miners, and can show you a range of things within your budget to help you understand what we can do.

We are able to avoid many of the pitfalls by dealing only with my long term trusted sources who I know personally, or vetted referrals from my contacts.

I am one of the leading experts in the world on spotting fake Moldavite, and known by all the Crystal Book authors, as well as working with others in the industry on various projects.

Fill out the form below for consideration. Please provide contact info, and a brief introduction & description of how I can be of service.

Thank you in advance.

Michael Eggleston

President - InnerVision Crystals

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