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Your Direct Source for Moldavite since 2006. Stones, Faceted Gems, Jewelry, Carvings, Wholesale & High End Rare Collection pieces.

30% OFF ALL Moldavite Stones & Jewelry, 40% OFF all Faceted Gemstones for a limited time and 50% OFF all remaining one of a kind Moldavite Carvings, as we prepare to expand and move!

IVC works very hard to bring you the Largest Online Moldavite Collection. Moldavite Stones; including Besednice, Faceted Gemstones, Jewelry & Wholesale. All your Moldavite needs direct from the source. Come explore with us.

IVC is your U.S. based Source for Moldavite Stones direct from the Czech Republic. I have been buying direct with the main Moldavite source in the Czech Republic since 2006 and has developed a very close relationship allowing us to get first look at much of the best material that becomes available. From raw to faceted Moldavite gemstones to jewelry & rare carvings. I personally select every piece of Moldavite that is listed here & cater to a wide range of Clients from the Private Collector, to Top Jewelry Designers and many others. If you love Moldavite you are in the right place.

Moldavite is classed in the Tektite / impact glass Family as the result of a Meteorite impact nearly 15 millions years ago. Moldavite is a very rare and precious stone. It is "The Emerald" that fell from the sky & exists only in a small area of the Czech Republic. Moldavite truly is the stone of transformation, merging the Above and the Below as One.

Moldavite from IVC was also featured on the History Channel Show Ancient Aliens

Moldavite stones in their raw natural form, choose below from 1 to 5 gram stones, or Larger Moldavite in the 5 to 19 gram range. IVC also offers the largest selection of 20+ gram Select Moldavite stones you will find anywhere. Wholesale is also available.


You can also choose from Faceted Moldavite Gemstones, the most amazing quality Moldavite Carvings, and if you want to wear it we have you covered with our Moldavite Jewelry Collection. All stones are cut exclusively for IVC from our own selected rough. We can also have any of our stones set for you in a piece of jewelry if you would like.


All Moldavite from IVC are Guaranteed Natural Stones Direct from the Source in the Czech Republic. Buy with confidence knowing that you are buying from the source. Every order comes with a business card size COA and is Guaranteed 100% - To learn how to spot fakes go here and educate yourself, We work very hard to stay ahead of these charlatans, the page is loaded with pictures and information.

Thank you for choosing IVC ∞ If you have any questions please EMAIL or Call 315-750-6504

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