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News from the Spaceship

  • August 6, 2019 Michael Eggleston

    New Crystals for August coming soon - UPDATED

    Whats coming? Rose Quartz Polished Points Septarian Spheres & Eggs Purple Fluorite Crystals Amethyst (Uruguay) Nodules / Geodes with Flat Base Sign up for the newsletter to be the first to know when we release more small batches of amazing...

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  • June 30, 2019 Michael Eggleston

    Holiday - No Shipping July 4 - 8

    It's Summer, and even we need a couple of days off here and there. That being said Mike has given everyone a 4 day weekend this coming week. We are open for business, but there will be No Shipping from...

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There is one way to sell crystals

Our Selection, quality, knowledge & extremely competitive pricing have made us one of the top crystal & stone dealers in the world. We offer the Premier online collections of the stones we specialize in. We work closely with with our sources / independent miners around the world to ensure ethically sourced stones. Direct from the source.

Our Moldavite has been featured on Discovery Channels "Ancient Aliens" S06E08 "Relics" episode. Our Blog & info page on How to Spot Fake Moldavite has been reproduced throughout the web, including the online magazine by Naisha Ahsian (co author "The Book of Stones"). We have also been featured by Judy Hall (The Crystal Bible) & Ashley Leavy from Love & Light School of Crystal Theraphy and many more.

We work with and supply a number of notable Jewelers, Rock Shops & the individual Private Collectors of every level. From faceted gemstones, to natural crystals, stones & jewelry. InnerVision Crystals is able to cater to any budget and also carries some of the most popular crystals for various reiki & healing modalities, meditation & metaphysical purposes. Direct from the source. Let us show you what peace of mind looks like when buying online.

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