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Welcome to IVC
Welcome to IVC

Coming in June - A look Ahead

We will be extending our Sale through the Summer, offering the best pricing in the business for the stones we specialize in.

We usually reserve 50% OFF for Wholesale / VIP Club & our Anniversary or End of Year Sale, but due to unprecedented, and uncertain times we are doing what is needed.

We have the most competitive price per gram on Moldavite & Libyan Desert Glass around, as well as quality Herkimers, Lemurians and more. None of the treated or mass produced stuff flooding the market the last few years. For 17 years we have helped set the bar in our industry. Let us show you what peace of mind looks like shopping online for Crystals.

New Shipments are coming and a few things will rise slightly in price due to increased production, mining & shipping costs. We will still have the best pricing in the business on the stones we offer.

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Amphibole aka Angel Aura Quartz - The mine is currently closed and we have not seen many good shipments of this the last couple of years.

Moldavite - New Stones are coming, we will restock all collections through June. Moldavite Jewelry is FULLY Stocked now.

Herkimer Diamonds - The Crystal that started it all for IVC 17 years ago! We will be meeting with our local miners here in NY to restock new Crystals!

Lemurian Seed Crystal Platonic Solid Sets - In the works, Exclusive to IVC. We are making these with our mine source in Brazil. We hope to release these by July.

Limited Edition Pendant - Pre-Order coming soon. I have wanted to do this VERY special project for awhile and we will be releasing it soon. I will be taking Pre-Orders and we will limit this to under 100 pieces total. No more will be made after that. This will be offered at a very special price to our community.

Small Batches of Awesome Crystals. We have trimmed down some of our Inventory through May and will carry more of what we sell the most of. For 17 years we have been a leader in this industry for a reason. We don't plan on slowing down anytime soon. Thank YOU for being here.

Collectibles - I collect more than just Crystals. I'm a kid at heart. Always will be (It's one of the secrets to life). If you are into Trading Cards, Pokemon, Fantasy Games & More, then check it out. From $1 singles cards to high end rare sealed or graded items. I will be releasing more in June.

Thank you for being here!

Mike & The IVC Family

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