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Extending our 16th Anniversary Sale!

Hi Everyone!

We have decided to extend our Anniversary Sale!

30% - 60% Off all single stones, Moldavite, Crystals & Jewelry.

The last 2+ years have been a whirlwind for everyone. Trying to figure things out as a business & personal lives, adapt, change, change again... Supply chain issues, a lot of uncertainty, especially with inflation creeping in. We all see it. At the Gas Pump, Grocery Store, etc, to Taxes, all of it... That being said We have decided to extend the Sale from April. Everyone has to do everything they have to do to make ends meet & run their businesses. I think that is as transparent as I can be about things.

For 16 years we have worked hard to bring you the best quality we can source & have built a an amazing community thousands strong worldwide. We know how competitive we are at what we specialize in, the quality, etc, and when we run our sales, it is as good as it gets. That is why we are where we are, with the support we have. Quality. Selection. Price. Service. We work hard to do what we do, and in uncertain times we reach deep and do what needs to be done. So Thank YOU for being here at IVC. Enjoy the sale,we know right now a lot of people have to start choosing between what they want & what they need, and so do we...

Be Well out there. Every single one of you. Hold the Light. Stay Aligned. Thank you for your support. We appreciate every one of you. Blessings.


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