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Welcome to IVC
Welcome to IVC

Hamilton Community Dog Park Donation & Interview with IVC

Mike & Alicyn Eggleston, owners of InnerVision Crystals, recently made a generous leadership donation to the dog park that allowed us to get the project officially off the ground. Below, we talk to Mike about community, crystals, and coronavirus. 


Q: Why were you inspired to make such a generous donation to the Hamilton Dog Park?

A:  The dog park is going to be great for Hamilton. It will be another free, outdoor thing that people can do, a place where they can bring their dogs, socialize, and meet new people they might not have met otherwise. I think it will be really popular and that it will bring people together. As an entrepreneur, my focus has been giving back to the local community — that’s where it is going to go the furthest. 

Q: You are the owner of a pretty unique company: InnerVision Crystals. How did you get into the crystal business?

A:  Back in 2006, I was in a Yahoo group on meditation and someone in the U.K. mentioned Herkimer diamonds. I was an hour from Herkimer at the time and decided to go digging. I came home, put the diamonds I found online, and quickly made $300. Growing tired of corporate life, I thought, “how can I replicate this result?” And the business grew from there.

Q:  You’ve had some amazing success during your 14 years in business! 

A:  We are definitely one of the leaders in our niche market. We’ve built our online reputation over the years and have naturally become the top result in many related Google searches. We’ve been featured on the History Channel for our moldavite offering, which is the biggest in the world, hands down. And we have a large, diverse inventory with something for everyone —  from people who are just learning to meditate to serious collectors to even celebrities. We also recently started working with designers to manufacture our own jewelry.

Q:  So, what kind of crystal do we need for inner calm during Coronavirus? 

A:  (Laughing) I like Herkimer quartz. It’s a great meditation stone for beginners who want a tangible object to help keep their mind focused.

Q:  Do you have a dog you’ll be bringing to the park?

A:  We do! We have a French bulldog named Buster who just turned two. (Pictured above.)

We’re so thankful for Mike, Alicyn, and Buster’s major contribution to the park! 

Want to help the dog park cross the finish line and open its gates? 

Send your donation to:

Partnership for Community Development 

(c/o Hamilton Dog Park) 

11 Payne Street 

Hamilton, NY 13346 

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