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Herkimer Diamond Quartz Crystals

herkimer diamonds

Herks are the crystals that started it all here at InnerVision Crystals. These are some of the best Quartz variations in the world, from the optical clear "diamond" shaped natural beauties, to the hand sized Smoky Skeletals and everything in between, from rare Scepters to Enhydros.

Energetically, whether or not you "believe" in such things, (go read up on Marcel Vogel - IBM scientist) these are some of the best. Double terminated Crystals, 18 facets (6 middle & 6 on each end) make these amazing tools for energy work, like Reiki and other modalities. And for those who collect for aesthetics the many features and habits of this stone are sure to spark the imagination and a respect for the natural order of things.

Come explore with us and see what you can find. We feature the largest online collection of these amazing stones, direct from the source right here in Central NY. We add new stones throughout the year. Take a look at what we have and find yours today

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