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Moldavite and Energy

Moldavite and Energy by Mike Eggleston

I hope this post gives you a better understanding regarding this topic.

Moldavite is an interesting stone, a Tektite forged by the powers of the Above & the Below colliding. The cosmic energy to create it is beyond imagination, a Meteor large enough to create an event that liquifies all the quartz and minerals into a new form of Tektite which has not been seen in other locations. Moldavite has been prized for thousands of years, for many reasons, some was found with the Venus of Willendorf in Austria, dated to 25,000+ years. It has been revered in modern times for its Metaphysical and energetic properties and by collectors alike.

Everything has a vibration. Do some research on Marcel Vogel to further understand the properties that are utilized with crystals and stones. When these tools, Quartz or Moldavite for example, is introduced into the human energy field, it can amplify / affect us.

Its vibration acts on our electromagnetic field , (Heart / Brain is Magnetic / Electric) and with our intention (energy - force) and thought acted upon (form) we manifest everything in our lives, on individual and collective levels.

These stones are best utilized in Meditation so one can learn to sense subtle energy. They can also be utilized for energetic healing modalities by trained practitioners. When we utilize Moldavite its vibration can “accelerate” things in our lives, but the Chaos or Harmony we perceive comes from within us, it is dependent upon our state of mind and alignment. If we are for example doing toxic things, or mentally acting out dramas and the like, then we should not be surprised when this manifests in our lives. If we are living life with an open heart & purpose, meditating, aligning ourselves with love for example, then this state of mind will lead to a more desired outcome. But faith without works is dead, we must make every effort to attain it and to integrate & embody to the best of our ability.

This leads us to detachment for a moment, many are attached to an outcome that they have read in a book or heard online. Usually the best attributes, which they then expect to happen, and when it doesn’t manifest as they wished they get disappointed and shift their consciousness to a lower state. IT ALL comes from within. These tools are tangible objects we utilize to effect or access our inner state which is then projected outward into the world we see. Does this make sense. What is the state of the world? What is the inner state of most people these days? Do you see the correspondence?

All Matter is energy arranged into form, it has energy, holds a vibration that produces the archetype in material form. Atoms vibrating at certain frequency , arranged into molecules taking this form, from the Human Body to a Crystal Structure. Everything is energy at its core. Where is the thing that powers the nucleus of an atom? From where does that energy which is produced come from and go if it can neither be created nor destroyed?

Thought is a driving force in our reality, and energy follows our thoughts, perception shapes things, etc. All are dependent upon our level of consciousness and our intention and thoughts. Add pure Intention to the thoughts we act on, or believe to be real and we begin to shift our reality, our “beliefs”. This all has a deep impact. The road to hell is paved with good intentions, we must act in accordance with the intention, with the highest good of all considered to manifest anything close to what most dream of.

Esoteric thought is on par with modern science like Quantum Physics, as Einstein said, the Spiritual & Science must merge eventually to answer the questions we seek. Esoteric Science teaches us about Consciousness, energy, prana, Spirit whereas exoteric Science measures what it can and mostly discards what it can not. The Spiritual & Material are not separate, as all things are interconnected. Consciousness being the very foundation and driving force, The All within All.

The mineral world in fact is a Kingdom, the first level of consciousness which manifests through matter in our world. Plant. Animal. Human and higher Kingdoms also exist. All levels of Consciousness.

I hope this helps you with a deeper understanding about how Crystals & Moldavite have an effect on us.

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